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There’s hardly anyone in the world who wouldn’t like chocolates. Whatever be the age-group, almost everyone admires them, right from toddlers to the elderly. This lovely sweet made from cocoa is perfectly suitable for all occasions. Be it a happy one such as, birthday or anniversary, a festival or, a sad time such as, a heartbreak or mood-wings, chocolates help a great deal in magnifying happiness for the former and driving away the blues during the latter. Moreover, with the numerous types and forms that they now come in, chocolates have become all the more fun and toothsome. Today, a special choc is available for every palate having a different taste preference. We make available chocolates online delivery of best chocolates for all chocolate lovers out there in India. At Choco Parlor, an extensive range of chocolates are available for choco lovers.

For those who prefer things made in an original and pure, homelike manner, homemade and handmade chocolates online are available in Delhi at Choco Parlor that promise you a lovely, sweet treat while also assuring you of their fine quality and hygiene.

Dark Chocolate is the ideal avatar of chocolate that’s best suited for health conscious people as it’s a great source of fiber, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Chocolates help in bringing down cholesterol levels in the body
  • Help in improving and maintaining memory and other cognitive abilities
  • Aid in keeping cardiovascular issues at bay
  • Believed to support foetal growth in pregnant women
  • Dark chocolates help in maintaining a proper blood flow and a stable blood pressure
  • Also give you a good skin
  • Well known for their mood-enhancing qualities; a perfect stress buster

The luxurious varieties of chocolates that we serve you with online at Choco Parlour, are something that not just give you a delectable pleasure but also enhance the charm of your various occasions. Here are some you should definitely consider:

The gratifying varieties

Plain Chocolate- kids love plain chocolates for the utter sweet delight that they offer to their taste buds. And why just kids, even adults love them for how sweetly special they make all occasions, a chocolate gift to a loved one as a token of love or good wishes never goes unappreciated. Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate are two forms that are really popular among chocolate fans.

Soft-centred Chocolates are a sure pleasure for those of you who love to delve deep into your chocolate, waiting expectantly for its surprise element to ooze out and fill your mouth as you gently bite into it. The numerous, amusing flavors you get for this category are sure to please your palate.

Flavoured Chocolates are the ones that come mixed with different, exquisite flavors filled inside chocolate that add greatly to their taste and appeal, suiting the varying preferences of various chocolate aficionados. Butterscotch-flavoured and strawberry chocolates are among the most-relished delights.

Liquor chocolates are quite favored among those who love to enjoy a blend of their favourite liquor with chocolate-covering like, Vodka, Whisky, Rum etc.

Fruit   Nut Chocolate, loaded with healthy dried fruits-and-nuts are much liked by those who love the taste of dried fruits dipped in the luxury of chocolate. Almond Chocolate and Raisin Chocolate are quite famous among this type.

Stuffed Dates-the stuffed dates covered with delicious layers of chocolate are what make them a perfect ecstasy. Dates filled with almonds and coated with chocolate are especially apt for weddings.

Paan-flavored chocolate is yet another type that’s perfect for giving your guests a lovely desi-treat during functions especially, wedding.

Fudge Chocolate is another variety that brings to the table a perfect combination of cocoa, milk and sugar along with numerous flavors, giving it a pleasing taste. A must have item for chocolate freaks.

Chocolate Truffles are the attractive looking balls of chocolate, filled with nuts or with various flavors that give you an amazing joy of chocolate.

Pralines Chocolates-these candies with interesting, flavored filling inside the heavy covering of chocolate is another variety that everyone relishes.

Mendiant, the disc-shaped chocolate charged with nuts and dried fruits are another sheer delight that any chocolate enthusiast would love to savor anytime.

Belgian Chocolate, the premier chocolate from Belgium is the world-famous variety that anyone would rejoice at any given time.

Chocolates for Gifts

Chocolates are undoubtedly one of the best gifts you can hand to anyone on any occasion and are easily available at Choco Parlor. They are the safest option as you really needn’t think much before gifting someone a box of chocolates, as with this gift, there’s no worry of whether it would be liked or not. A chocolate box is always welcomed with a cheerful smile. You can choose any kind of chocolate to be gift-wrapped into the chocolate gifts boxes for your friends, loved ones or acquaintances; actually, for anyone, to give them a pleasant treat they’ll surely cherish.

With the modern trends in the modern-era today, chocolate too, has evolved and starting catching up with the changing currents. Now you can have your favorite chocolate custom-made as per your personal liking and taste. Various novel ideas and methods have been developed to give chocolate a personalized touch for its various ardent lovers. Some of these creative ideas include: photo chocolate, name embossing, coloured chocolates, individual choice of flavour and toppings, unusual designs etc. You can have personal pictures on your favorite flavor of chocolate now and even your name embossed on it that looks awesomely creative and appealing. This is one wonderful idea for gifting chocolate to someone on a special occasion such as, birthday, anniversary or wedding, as it makes the receiver feel special and elated. Such customized and personalized chocolates can really make special occasions all the more special, pleasurable and memorable. Similarly, you can choose a particular flavor and color of chocolate to be made in numerous fancy and attractive, toy-like designs that catch the imagination of kids. Such chocolate gifts are sure to attract and please children immensely.

Gifting a box of chocolates with a bouquet to someone on their special day such as, birthday, wedding or a day of some achievement, has long been a conventional idea. This convention has now been metamorphosed into something really forward-looking, charming and classy, that is- chocolate bouquet. Instead of following the traditional way, you can now gift someone a bouquet of chocolates that’s uniquely made with delicious and tempting chocolates, promising to make any function or moment doubly enjoyable.


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