A Memorable Engagement Ring Platter

The engagement day is the most important day in the countdown towards the wedding. In most cases, this is the day that the entire bride-to-be family gets to meet the groom-to-be family too. Whether it is an arranged marriage and the engagement ring is to presented in front of all the guests, or whether it is a love match with the engagement ring presented first to the lady in question, there is no doubt that the engagement ring platter or the engagement ring tray should be one that is worthy of the ring itself.

Gone are the days when the engagement ring was just presented in the box straight from the jewellery showroom! Today, brides and grooms are all into presentation and want to showcase their jewellery in unique and memorable ways that will stand out from the crowd. Choco Parlour creates uniquely themed ideas for presenting the ring, whether it is an engagement ring platter or an engagement ring tray. This is designed in ways that complement the general theme of the party. It can also be designed to reflect the material of the ring. For example, a gold ring would have a gold coloured tray, a platinum ring with diamonds in it would have a platter that is decorated with platinum and diamond coloured elements. The tray or platter could also be designed to reflect the dresses worn by the groom or bride to be.

No matter what the idea, Choco Parlour is sure to create an engagement ring platter that will make everyone look forward to what the wedding has in store!